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Test and Tag Colours

Test and Tag Colours – Who uses them and why?

Test and Tag Colours are used only in certain industries to make it easier for Work Safe or your OHS representative to ensure all  electrical items have been tested regularly.  There are four colours used on a quarterly basis across Australia, these include red, green, blue and yellow.

Regulations For Test and Tag Colours  

Test and Tag Colours are used for people working in the construction, demolition or mining areas under the AS/NZS 3012 guidelines. Anyone who is not within these industries do not need to use a specific test and tag colour.

However test and tag colours must be used on any union building construction site. It is recommended that all tradesmen should have their tools tested and tagged to display the correct corresponding colour. This enables the tradesman to go on any building construction site anywhere, anytime.

Government Test and Tag Colour Coding System

All states now use the same colour test and tag colour coding system for the construction, demolition and mining industries.  For everyone else you can have any test and tag colours you prefer but we suggest that it is easier if you choose alternating colours for each of your retesting periods.  That way when you come back in 12 months you can easily see which items you have done and which items are still due for retesting.

Test and Tag Colours

The colours used for test tags are red, green, blue and yellow. Red test tag are used to display appliances tested in the months of December. January and February. Green tags are used for tested items in March, April and May. Blue tags are used for tested items in the months of June, July and August and for equipment and tools tested in September, October and November a yellow tag is displayed.

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