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National Test and Tag Services

We are confident that you will love our friendly and efficient. Get a quote on prices with one of Melbourne and Australia’s largest electrical testing & tagging firms. A1 Testing & Tagging specialises in testing for offices, schools, factories, warehouses and for tradesmen.

Easy Booking Service – call anytime Monday-Friday 9:00am -4:30pm to schedule your next testing service.  Any questions about prices or your electrical safety needs will be answered by our professional team of technicians and friendly office staff.   Get the job done properly with our A1 Team of Testers.

Offices  |  Factories  |  Building sites  |  Schools  |  Shops  |  Hotels

Meet Your Testing and Tagging Requirements 

Get Free Reports and Free Re-booking Reminders when you book with A1 Testing and Tagging.

Fast Test and Tag Service with 14 years of industry experience we pride ourselves on our excellent service.  We provide test and tag service to meet Australian Standard AS3760:2010 to ensure the safety of everyone in your company.  A1 Testing & Tagging operates under an ISO 9001:2008, making us the perfect contractor for large business.

Testing and Tagging Prices  

At A1 Testing and Tagging, we believe that everybody should have access to proper, reliable electrical test and tag services. That’s why we offer customised solutions at minimum cost to all clients, as every business has its own individual needs and wants when it comes to test and tag.

Electrical Test and Tag Services in Melbourne

We’re pleased to offer a range of test and tag services in Melbourne, Dandenong, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and Brisbane at the most affordable prices available.


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National Test  and Tag Services

  • Test and tag of electrical equipment
  • Australian Standard AS3760-2010
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Microwave Radiation testing
  • RCD Safety Testing
  • Infrared Thermography
  • National Services
  • Test and Tag Courses
  • Frayed cords replaced
  • 3-Phase Test and Tag
  • Safety Switch Testing
  • Exit Light Maintenance
  • PAT Tester Sales
  • Clevermode Distributor
  • Test and Tag Supplies
  • PAT Tester Calibrations
ISO 9001:2008
Test and Tag ISO 9001