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Electrical Test and Tag Course

Enrol today for an online test and tag course and do your own testing and tagging, its simple and cost effective.

A1 Testing and Tagging provide test and tag courses online or on-site. Choose your course:

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A Nationally Recognised Online Test and Tag Course

A1 Testing and Tagging provides a nationally recognised compliance test and tag course, designed to meet the needs of anyone in all occupations anywhere in Australia. If you need to test and tag this short course is for you! We provide two separate ways of learner through online test and tag courses and/or in-house test and tag training, participants are provided with a handbook and an interesting practical learning. Through this course you will not only gain all the relevant knowledge needed to test and tag with confidence but also receive the qualifications of two nationally recognised courses.

–       UEENEEP026A- Conduct in-service safety testing of electrical cord assemblies and cord connected equipment

–       UEENEEE101A – Apply Occupational Health and Safety regulations, codes and practices in the workplace

While it is certainly possible for someone to learn to use a PAT (Portable Appliance Tester) in just a few minutes (using a manual PAT), there is much more to know in order to be considered competent as required by the Standard.

Test and Tag Course Instructors

Our test and tag course instructors have many years of hands on experience and knowledge in this field and will be able to answer any important questions you may have during the completion of this short course. The training has been specifically designed for groups of four or more, enabling us to provide a practical learning experience that exceeds that of just understanding the basics.

Electrical Test and Tag Course Bookings

Our online or onsite training course covers all the essential information you need to take on your own test and tag services. The test and tag course in Melbourne would be best suited for companies who need many people trained for electrical test and tag. Prices for this course are on application, so call us on 1300 303 759 for a quote or fill out an enquiry.