All Microwaves should be tested and tagged every year under Australian Standard AS3350.2.25 & As/NZ 3760.  Testing your microwaves ensures that they are compliant with safety regulations. When testing a microwave we are checking that the radiation levels around the microwave are below 5mW/cm2.  If the results are above these allowable limits than it is recommended that the unit be repaired or disposed of.

Three tests are performed on each microwave:

1. Physical damage inspection

2. Power outage

3. Radiation Leakage

With A1 Testing and Tagging, you will receive a report and barcoded tags on your power lead to provide easy to see certification. To find out more or to organise Microwave radiation testing at your workplace contact A1 Testing and Tagging on 1300 303 759

What is microwave radiation?

Microwaves use a small amount of radiation to cook your food. This radiation can leak and penetrate through any living tissue, even you.  Making exposure to leaking or damaged microwaves quite harmful to your health.   Radiation leakage is only present as long as the microwave is turned on, but standing too close as your food cooks and peering into its little window could be having surprisingly negative effects on your health.

What causes microwaves to leak?

Many simple things can damage your microwave and cause it to leak. Basic wear and tear from slamming the oven door and dirt and food particles in the seals and hinges will cause the microwave’s seal to lessen its effectiveness increasing the risk of a leak.

What we have found while testing and tagging microwaves

A1 Testing and Tagging has conducted an in-house study in regards to common microwave leakage, finding an average score of around 1.78mw/cm 2. A score of 5mw/cm2 or above is deemed dangerous and could be due to excess food buildup, dirt or damage. This may result in the microwave being faulty and potentially dangerous to users. Next time you are getting your leads tested and tagged, consider having your microwave tested as well.

If you would like more information about Microwave Leakage Testing or would like to organise the testing and tagging of your workplace please call A1 Testing and Tagging on 1300 303 759 and we will look after you.