It’s that time of year again when the flurry of Christmas cheers and New Year resolutions fill the air.

But while your head is full of Christmas Cheer, there may be potential dangers lurking around the corner when it comes to the safety of your electrical goods.

Make Health and Safety your New Year’s resolution at work this year, because with A1 Testing and Tagging we make it easy to keep your business safe.

Have you checked your kitchen?  This is a big area for potential fires and electric shocks.  Many people underestimate the effect a hot stove can have on a lead or even the effect leftover food scraps may have.

Frequent electrical fails also occur on the factory floor, extension cords that have been driven over, damaged, crushed or even tools that have been put away wrong could be a potential danger to your worksite and your employees.

At A1 Testing and Tagging, we provide professional and cost-effective ways to increase your workplace safety.  Our test and tag service allows us to make compressive lists of all of your items, test and tag their electrical safety levels and remove any dangerous items from service.

The beginning of the year is a fresh start, why not make this year your safest ever.

“rather than committing to just a personal change, focus on something that will also benefit your work-mates, family and the broader community.  Making improvements to your workplace health and safety doesn’t have to be a difficult or expensive task.  They can increase productivity, and could save someone’s life.” (Safe Work Australia Chief Executive Officer Michelle Baxter)

So what are you waiting for?  Let A1 Testing and Tagging make you safer today.

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