Why A1 Testing and Tagging is using an ISO 9001:2008?

A1 Testing and Tagging has officially received the certification for our management system to be registered as an ISO 9001:2008. This means that our high-quality management system is audited every year to ensure compliance with the international standard ISO 9001:2008. We are so proud of this achievement as A1 Testing and Tagging is constantly growing and always improving its systems.

This quality management system is the worlds most recognised.  The ISO 9001 is designed to help organisations meet the needs of their customers thus improving customer service significantly.

What are the benefits of it?

  • Allows service with us to be constantly great no matter your technician or work site
  • It will allow us to set a benchmark and constantly improve our service so that you are getting the best test and tag technicians in Australia
  • It will motivate our employees to be more efficient and effective.
  • It will also broaden our customer base as it will allow us to work with some of the largest companies in Australia.
  • This will also help us to cut costs and improve our processes to provide you with greater service at a more competitive rate.
  • We are looking to increase customer satisfaction and this is the right place to start
  • it will also allow us to become more environmentally friendly with the ultimate goal of having a paperless office.

Who does it benefit?

ISO stands for International Standards Organisation.  The ISO 9001 is a recognised Quality Management System that ensures efficiency and high quality of products and services provided.  Having this system reassures our clients and prospective customers that we will operate professionally with a quality service.

So call us now on 1300 303 759 and let us show you how A1 Testing and Tagging are the premier testing and tagging firm in Australia