What if you have just had your workplace tested, but you have just bought a new electrical item, now what?

This is where New-to-Service tags come into effect. These tags allow you to avoid a minimum charge and the hassle of having to organise testing and tagging again for only one or two new items.

In 2010 the standard governing testing and tagging standard, AS3760:2010, was amended and it was made mandatory that all new electrical equipment in Australia display New-to-Service Tags. 

However this brand new item should still be visually inspected to make sure that there is no damage that has occurred over delivery, transport or installation. 

Even with New-to-Service tags these items still require testing in the future. Recording the location and description of these items does mean that you can now align all electrical items to your current testing and tagging schedule, so that everything is due at once.

Unfortunately this new to service rule does not apply for second hand equipment or rental equipment. These types of items need to be tested and tagged before sold or used on any work premises.

All electrical items are required to be tested regularly for safety, so to ensure that these new items do not miss their first required test.