Warehouse & Factory – Electrical Test and Tag Requirements

Emily Fear, Marketing Officer

27 March 2019

What are the electrical test and tag requirements in a warehouse or factory?

Electrical test and tag requirements ensure workplace safety, significantly reducing the risk of electrical shock to staff or customers whilst onsite. The purpose of testing and tagging is to identify any faulty items and removes them from service to keep everyone safe in the workplace.

What equipment is commonly tested in a warehouse or factory?

  • Battery Chargers
  • Extension leads
  • Forklift chargers
  • Dispatch computers and Printers
  • Tools (such as Drill & Electric Saws)
  • Power Boards
  • 3 Phase equipment (eg. sump pumps)
  • Portable RCDs

“The purpose of testing and tagging is to identify any faulty electrical appliances and removes them from service.”

Can you test and tag factory appliances without turning them off?

When testing and tagging a factory or warehouse, it is ideal to start before the factory is in full swing, however, many factories operate 24/7.

In this case, there will be equipment that cannot be switched off, particularly 3 phase equipment.  These items can be clamp tested, testing the item’s leakage and allowing for its continued operation.

If machines can be turned off it is very helpful to have operators on-site as they can turn off machines for testing and can answer any questions the Tester may have whilst performing the job.

Common dangers in a factory or warehouse

  • Aged wiring and live exposed wires
  • Equipment with damaged or melted leads or plugs
  • Water damage from cleaning or leaks can cause the shorting out of electrical equipment creating a risk of electric shock.
  • Tools are often worn and in need of a plug replacement.

Other safety requirements at a factory or workshop

Safety Inductions

Inductions are required at most factory sites to ensure all safety procedures are followed.

Safety Gear

Many Factories and workshops require all test and tag technicians to wear safety vests, safety glasses, steel-capped boots and/or hard hats when entering their site.

Being aware of the environment

Factories and warehouses vary a great deal.  Not all factories are in good condition and require Tester’s to be fully aware of their environment. The Tester will need to assess their environment before starting as some locations may have flammable liquids, gas, or spills, etc.  making it unsuitable to safely work and special arrangements need to be made.

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