Beware of the faulty Power Board

Powerboards are the perfect piece of equipment when you have too many plugs but not enough sockets. What is less know is that many fires and electrical shocks both in the home and at the workplace occur because of an overloaded or faulty power board.

Our A1 Testing and Tagging Technicians have found that Power Boards are the number one burnt out and failed items in an office making them a silent threat to your safety.

Here are a few things to think about next time you plugin.

How to correctly use a Power Board?

Sounds simple right, but many people are using them incorrectly and you could be one of them.

Did you know that power boards should only be used for low current electric appliances (such as computers, laptops, phone chargers, TV’s, etc.) and not high current items (such as kettles, heaters or fans)? This is to reduce the risk of your power board overloading which can damage your appliances and pose a risk to your safety.

What is Power Board Piggy Backing? and why you should stop now!

Another common mistake that occurs within many offices and homes is to ‘piggyback’ power boards off other power boards. This is very dangerous! ‘Piggybacking’ increases the risk of overload, fires and electrical shocks, which cannot only damage appliances but to you as well. The correct way to use a power board is to have only one board to one wall socket.

What is Power Board Surge Protection? and why should I have it?

To improve safety in your business and in your home you should replace all existing power boards with upgraded surge protection available at any convenience store, as it will reduce the risk of electrical shock and damage to appliances dramatically.

Why get them tested and tagged?

Our modern world has allowed us access to new electrical appliances at great cheap prices. The problem is that a lot of cheap power boards are imported from places with quality control not as high as we would expect here in Australia.

When it comes to electrical items just because it’s new we expect it to good quality and safe to use but that is not always the case.

Having your appliances Tested and Tagged will confirm that it is in good electrical order, reducing the risk of any electrical short-circuiting before use.

So what are you waiting for call us now on 1300 303 759 and make a booking to get your power boards and other electrical appliances checked.