According to Safe Work Australia, approx.182 Australian workers suffer disabling injuries and approx. 56 workers die at work every year.

Although most work injuries occur from falls, many are a result of contact with electrical equipment.  Almost everything in an office today operates on electricity. Electrical equipment has the potential to be dangerous, as it can cause serious shocks and burns.  Injuries are caused by the improper use or use of poorly maintained equipment.  If your body comes into contact with an electrical circuit a shock will occur. The current enters the body at the point of contact and leaves through another, this can cause severe pain, burns, and even death.

Protect your workers, by educating them on the potential dangers and proper usage of electrical equipment within your workplace. Ensure your workplace is safe and free from electrical hazards with regular testing and tagging.

Here are 12 ways to increase the safety of your workplace:

  1. Do not overload electrical outlets
  2. Ensure your equipment is being regularly tested and tagged
  3. Do not ignore warning signs; if an electrical item feels hot, makes an unusual noise, smokes or sparks – take it out of service immediately and tag it “Danger, Do Not Use”.
  4. Inspect cords and equipment regularly and report any potential issues immediately.
  5. Ensure you report any piece of equipment with exposed wiring as this will either need to be taken out of service or repaired.
  6. Unplug cords from the outlet rather than pulling the cord from a distance.
  7. Do not use electrical equipment that is near water or a wet surface.
  8. No not cover power cords with rugs or mats as this can cause wear on the equipment and create a potential tripping hazard.
  9. Do not piggyback off double adaptors or powerboards.
  10. Do not use electrical equipment when your hands are wet or the equipment is wet.
  11. All equipment used needs to be correctly grounded or double insulated.
  12. Reduce your use of extension cords, do not plug two extension cords together.

Every workplace should be a safe place for its employees to work, assessing, protecting and removing risks and hazards regularly.  A great first step is to employ a professional test and tag team to ensure your workplace is free of electrical hazards and dangers.

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