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Test and Tag Brisbane

Test and Tag Brisbane

Test and Tag Brisbane services for all industries

Test and Tag Brisbane has a team dedicated to Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs no matter what type of work environment you work in.

Being tested and tagged means that your office, factory or shop is safe from shorted out power-boards and other faulty electrical items that could be lurking around your office before any fires or electrical shorts occur throughout your business.

Get a quote now and you will get 10% off your initial invoice.We test and tag Brisbane and surrounding areas.

You will receive our quote via email to test and tag at your location and we have a simple click to accept system. A mutually agreeable time will be scheduled in and you will receive email confirmation so you have a record of when our tester will arrive.

All our testers are experienced and knowledgeable of the AS/NZS3760-2010 should you have any questions.  They will get the job done with very little disruption and will advise you should any of your items fail and need to be repaired or removed from service.

Take control of your electricity, contact the professionals,  Call me 1300 303 759 or fill in the form above

Services Provided:

Testing and Tagging 3- Phase Testing RCD / Safety Switch Testing
Microwave Radiation Leakage Testing Exit light Maintenance Client Asset Reports
Plug Top Replacement Basic Repairs 2D barcode tagging

Testing Procedure

explains the different types of testing and tagging avalaible

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Test and Tag Brisbane

Here is a great testimonial we recently received:

‘Your service? Was I impressed? Yes.  Full marks to Daniel who did our testing. He was pleasant and knowlegeable. I’m impressed by your automation of the process. This was the first time I’ve used your service. Booking was easy, a simple pricing model and it happened without a fuss.’

test and tag brisbane