Clevermode PAT + Print

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Clevermode PAT + Print is the perfect test and tag machine for those looking to start up an electrical testing business or those faced with a large volume of testing. This pack includes a Kyoritsu KEW6205PRO PAT tester (technical details in additional information), Clevermode Printer, and Clevermode software.

Clevermode works by connecting your PAT Tester to both a printer and tablet allowing you to effortlessly record data, print and create reports. Cutting down on the time and manpower required to test and tag, when you literally have hundreds of tests to perform.

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Clevermode PAT + Print Kit
  • Kyoritsu KEW6205PRO PAT Tester
  • Clevermode Printer
  • 1 year subscription to Clevermode App (android only)
  • 6 x roll of P120 test tags
  • Padded carry bag included
  • Clevermode Reports (for PC)

The Clevermode APP allows you to:

  • CSV Databasing
  • Uploads test results from PAT tester
  • Records detailed data for each item tested
  • Records fail descriptions
  • QR Coded tags
  • Customisable Text
  • Prints with Image logos
  • Logo changing ability
  • 15 Amp testing
  • New-To-Service tag printing
  • RCD trip test tag printing
  • Multi Tag Print function
  • Store large number of asset data
  • Create report from csv using Clevermode Reports
  • also compatible with SimplyPATs software

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Additional information

Kyoritsu KEW6205PRO

Tester Specifications

Mains voltage indication

Display range: 30V-270V
Accuracy: +5V

Protective conductor resistance test (Earth Bond Test)

Measuring range: 0.00-20.00Ω
Open circuit voltage: 5V±0.4V DC
Measuring current: 200mA DC(nominal value)
Accuracy: ±3%rdg+5dgt

Insulation resistance test

Rated voltage 250V 500V
Measuring range: 0.00-20.00MΩ
No-load voltage: 250V DC +20%,-0% 500V DC +20%,-0%
Short circuit current: 1.5mA DC or less
Accuracy: +2%rdg±3dgt

Load current/Leakage current test (Run Test)

Item: Load current Leakage current
Mains voltage range: 100-253V/50Hz
Measuring range: 0.10-10.00A mms 0.10-20.00mA rms
Accuracy: ±10%rdg±5dgt ±3%rdg±5dgt

RCD test

Rated voltage: 230V-15%-+10%/50Hz
Rated current: 10mA/30mA
Function: x1 x5
Test duration: 0.0ms-500.0ms 0.0ms-40.0ms
Operating time accuracy: ±2ms(≤40ms), +8ms(>40ms)

Other Details

Power source: LR6(AA)(1.5V) x6
Applicable Standards: IEC/EN61010-1 CATII 300V, IEC/EN61010-2-030, IEC/EN61010-031,EN61326-2-2,AS/NZS3760
Dimensions: 261(L) x 104(W) x 57(D)mm
Weight: Approx. 930g(including batteries)


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