How to lower business insurance with thermal imaging

Emily Fear, Marketing Officer


It is becoming increasingly common for many Australian businesses to use Thermal Imaging as a way to decrease commercial insurance premiums.

Many cheap overseas electrical appliances do not meet Australian Safety Standards. Insurance companies are rewarding businesses who take action to decrease their risk of factory fires. 

Thermal imaging helps businesses establish a low risk environment and fire reduction strategies. Providing access to lower insurance costs, and preventing production downtime.

This picture shows a thermal heat map displayed on a thermal imaging camera of a laptop.

What is Thermal imaging and how does it work?

Thermal imaging uses an infrared camera to detect heat. These cameras are pointed over electrical switchboards to discover hot components. These components can indicate loose connections, overloaded circuits, potential fire hazards or unbalanced loads.

Thermal imaging measures:

Temperature variations

Targets areas that need repair

Reduce outages 

Reduce electrical energy costs by increasing efficiency

Reduce the risk of expensive equipment damage due to electrical fault.

 Detecting electrical faults

Electrical fault detection is an essential maintenance practice needed for all Australian businesses.  Thermal imaging is a preventative maintenance check allowing for early detection of faults. Hot spots in electrical wiring and connections detect these potential faults. These tests can reduce risk and save companies time and money.

Reduce Fire Risk

Early detection means preventing circuits from becoming overloaded and the risk of cables melting, sparking or arching.

No business downtime

The testing process does not interfere with the power supply meaning that all equipment is kept running at normal capacity. As such there is no business down time for this testing to take place.

A test and tag technician or electrician can carry out thermal imaging without interrupting your businesses day to day running.  It is recommended that testing is carried out annually to maintain the safety of staff, equipment and buildings.  If you would like to find out more about thermal imaging and how it can save your business money contact A1 Testing & Tagging on 1300 303 759.

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