Be an Electrical Safety Champion in  5 easy steps

Emily Fear, Marketing Officer


Is electrical safety at the forefront of your mind? This October is National Safe Work Month.

As part of Safe Work Australia’s campaign to raise awareness about Workplace Health and Safety. This year is shining a light on your workplace’s safety champions. Electrical Safety within your workplace can be reduced with a combination of test and tag, 3 phase testing, thermal imaging and RCD testing.

Can anyone can be a Workplace Safety Champion?

We all have a responsibility in building a healthy and safe workplace so everyone can go home safe every day. Workplace regulations and rules can vary between States, click here to check your local regulations.

Because of these rules, there is a downward trend in work-related deaths, injuries and illness, there is still more work to be done to reduce these numbers even further.


What can you do to make your workplace electrically safer?


1.      Do an electrical safety inspection of your workplace.

Get to know your problems areas with this easy to use free electrical safety inspection checklist, download here.


2.      Ensure your workplace performs regular test and tag inspections

Your workplace environment will determine the frequency of the testing needed at your site, please consult Australian Standard AS/NZ 3760:2010 for information on electrical safety testing.


3.      All RCD’s on Switch Boards are all labelled, and tested and tagged

RCD’s protect users from electrical shocks as such it is important to ensure all are correctly functioning at all times.


4.      Thermal Imaging Testing is Completed

Usually completed within factories, thermal imaging can save you money on your insurance premiums and reduce the risk of fires. It is a great way to identify wear hot spots within motors or switchboards before any problems occur.


5.      All 3 Phase Equipment is Tested

Usually found in warehouses and factories, 3 phase equipment have 415 volts which is more power than within a typical single-phase item. Meaning that any electrical shock experienced will be more severe.


What’s on this October

Click here to have a look at all the safety events happening in your state this October.


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