Why Test and Tag?

Having your workplace tested and tagged helps to avoid the risk of an injury to an employee, client or another third party. Compliance with Occupational Health & Safety requires that an employer must ensure that any risk of injury from electricity at a place of work is eliminated or that the risk is controlled by regular test and tag, maintenance and inspection of all electrical equipment to ensure that it remains safe for use.

Records must be kept of all inspections made and maintenance carried out on all electrical appliances, specific details need to be kept as required by the act.  The purpose of testing electrical equipment is to detect any adverse conditions that could render it electrically unsafe.

Australian Standard AS-3760:2010

Portable Appliance Testing – The Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 3760:2010 clearly defines the requirements of routine inspection and testing of in-service electrical equipment.  In-service testing is necessary for the safety of persons using the equipment and for the proper discharge of the obligations of employers and employees, as listed in legislation covering occupational health and safety matters.

Test and Tag Frequency – Retesting

The Standard specifies the minimum testing and inspection intervals for electrical equipment.  Inspection and testing intervals can range from 3 months, 6 months, 12 months up to 5 years testing schedules.  To determine what test and tag frequency your workplace should be click here and read our easy test and tag frequency guide.

Within some industries you are also required to test and tag using specific colours to enable Worksafe to see in one glance that you are complying to work safety standards.  Click here for more information on test and tag colours.

Why Choose A1 Testing and Tagging?

A1 Testing and Tagging have been servicing Australia for the last 14 years and are happy to lend our expert knowledge to your work site.  Please call us on 1300 303 759 and organise a technician to test and tag your site.

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