Test and Tag Retesting Periods Made Easy

To put it simply when retesting, the type of environment the appliance is used determines when it needs to be retested.  The more hazardous the environment the more likely an appliance will have a shorter life span and a shorter re-test period.

Most businesses contain many different types of environments and associated risk factors.  This could mean that one workplace may have different risk factors and retest periods.  For example: Most businesses would have an office (12 months) and a kitchen (6 months) or even possibly a warehouse (6 months).

As you can see understanding the re-test periods is of vital importance when testing and tagging. The current Australian Standard for testing and tagging AS/NZ 3760:2010.  Will allow you to see the frequency in which all items at your location must be tested and tagged. Some industries might also require you to use certain test and tag colours.

Test and Tag Retesting Intervals

  • 3 months – building, construction, demolition and rental equipment
  • 6 months – factories and warehouses
  • 12 months – office or shop environments
  • 5 yearly – a secure environment where the appliance cord is not likely to flex or open to abuse.  Where the cords are protected from dust, moisture and abuse for example a server room.

What is a Hostile Environment?

A hostile environment is when an appliance is operated or subjected to conditions that may causes the equipment damage or lessen its life span.  This includes but is not limited to mechanical damage, expose to the elements, moisture, heat, vibration, chemicals and dust.

Is an office a Hostile Environment & what is its Retesting Period?

Surprisingly, the computer you are sitting at right now reading this would be classified as a 12 monthly item. This is due to it being at risk of moisture (cups of water on desk), dust (over heating the intake fan) and physical abuse (from items such as vacuuming and feet near cords).

Creating your own Test & Tag Frequencies

A lot of workplaces will have different test and tag frequencies because of their own risk management and OHS planning.  This can be accomplished through a documented risk assessment under accordance to AS/NZS ISO 31000.

Please note that this risk assessment does not apply to any equipment that is offered for hire.

Need More Help?

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