Online Test and Tag Course


Online Test and Tag Course is being updated and is currently unavailable.

This online test and tag course , and once completed provides the student with the needed knowledge of Testing and Tagging – not an accredited course.

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Benefits to the online test and tag course

– A true one on one learning experience

– You can do the training at your own pace, you can work fast if you have existing knowledge or if your inexperienced take your time to work through it all.

– There is always the option to replay anything not immediately understood, even after completion of the course.

– Unlike in a typical training environment, the trainer is always available even after the completion of the course.

* Please note: If you are from QLD you are required to complete an electrical contractors license as well as a test & tag course. For more information click here.

How long does this course take to complete?

This online course can be completed within 1- 2 days after registration papers are submitted and login details provided. However, this course is designed to be done at the students own pace. There is no time limit on this course and videos and information can continue to be viewed after completion.

What is covered in this online course?

There are about 20 videos to watch which include the topics:
• Personal Safety
• Basic electrical terminology
• Australian New Zealand standard AS/NZ 3760
• Inspection and testing equipment
• Tagging and document control
• Insulation resistance and continuity test
• Using insulation resistance, continuity tester and portable appliance tester

Is this course suitable for Queensland?

In Queensland, to carry out this work as a business as well as completing the course you must also hold a Queensland electrical contractor licence that permits this type of work.

Also note that in Queensland replacing plug tops is considered electrical work and licence requirements apply. You should contact the Electrical Safety Office before commencing this course.
For more information about Queensland requirements, visit

Is there a practical test? and how is it carried out?

Yes, there is, this is done in one of two ways, a video recording or a Skype call, in which the trainee will perform the learned test and tag procedure using test equipment (PAT Tester) on a single-phase appliance.

Do I require any prior knowledge for this course?

You do not require any previous electrical experience or knowledge to complete this course, however basic english literacy in reading and writing is required. 

How much does this test and tag training cost?

We have 2 online courses at $395 & $530. We offer in-house training on price on application.

Do I need to buy test equipment before I start?

No, but you will eventually need to either purchase or rent equipment for the final assessment to be completed. Give us a call on 1300 303 759 and we will help guide you to select the best equipment for your needs.

Is 3-Phase testing included in the course?

3-Phase Testing is not specifically covered.

How are the assessments done?

There are 3 assessments the first two are theory-based while the other is practical. The two theory-based assessments  are an open book multi-choice answer format. The practical assessment is done over Skype as the student needs to demonstrate their knowledge and use of a PAT tester.

There is a very comprehensive checklist of what to film and all the questions that will be asked. The trainer is always available for additional training before assessments but is not usually needed.