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Pat Tester Accessories

A1 Testing and Tagging have a range of PAT Tester Accessories to fit the PAT testers that we sell. If you are unsure about the accessories that you require, please call us on 1300 303 759.

3 Phase Adaptor

3 Phase RCD switching adaptor is used for in the testing of 3-phase RCD’s and is made to suit a Metrel MI3122 RCD Tester


3 Phase Lead

Take advantage of 3-Phase testing leads to safely and effectively monitor the leakage current and ensure your 3-phase electrical equipment is safe for use. 20 amp, 32 amp and 50 amp leads are all available for purchase.


3 Phase Lead Combo


3 Phase Lead Leakage Adaptor Combombination 4/5 Pin, this accessory allows you to test 10 amp, 20amp and 32 amp items, these leads are for testing purposes only.


3-Phase Block

Image of 3-Phase Block

An accessory for easy 3-Phase testing.


3-Phase Clamp

Image of 3-Phase Clamp

Used for testing the electrical leakage on sensitive equipment and 3-phase leads.


Serial USB Converter

Image of Chipset Serial USB Converter

USB download converter (Suitable for Windows 7 )


Earth Bond (Wander) Lead

Image of Isolation Transformer

Made to suit the AlphaPAT, BetaPAT and Supanova testing machines.


Isolation Transformer

Image of 3 Phase Lead

Electric currents are dangerous, and an isolation transformer systematically helps in minimizing the risk.
An Isolation Transformer is used for the testing of portable RCD’s, and helps keep you safe while performing tests on electronic equipment.


SimplyPATs Software

Image of SimplyPATs Software

SimplyPats Version 6 supports the manual entry of test data along with the download (and upload in some cases) of PAT Data from most PAT Testers currently available.

SimplyPats V6 Software for Downloading and Non-Downloading PAT Testers
Compatible USB to Serial Converter
2 Licences (Run on 2 PC’s) Per Serial Number **