Get qualified. Do an online test and tag training now!

Here at A1 Testing and Tagging, we are proud to introduce our new test and tag training solution.  Our online test and tag course will allow participants to study when they want whenever they want.  This course provides all students with a nationally recognised training certificate in both testing and tagging and OHS with (UEENEEP026A and UEENEEE101A) with the added availability to include a certificate into attached cords and plugs to electrical 240-volt equipment(UEENEEP024A).

What are the benefits of doing this online test and tag training?

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Fit this course into your business scheduled – it makes room for you not the other way around
  • Get a Nationally Recognised Certificate
  • Gain access to informational videos that are accessible after you have completed the course
  • Learn everything you need to know to get started in one day

How much does the online test and tag training cost?

We have two Nationally Recognised Course options which are gst free:

Our Basic Test and Tag Course  – (UEENEEP026A and UEENEEE101A) is $395 

Or our Test and Tag Course plus Plug Top Replacement – (UEENEEP026AUEENEEE101A & UEENEEP024A) is $520

How long does this course take to complete?

This course can be completed in one day with full time study or you can broken up to fit your work scheduled.  The only time restraint is that you have 2 months to complete this course.

How does the course work, is there a practical?

These courses are mostly watching videos there are 3-4 assessment tasks depending on which course you choose.  2-3 tasks are written tests that can be completed while you watch the videos and the the final assessment is a practical with the trainer over Skype.  You are required to have a test and tag machine for the final aspect of these courses and something to test.  The Trainer will ask you to preform a few basic tests to make sure you understand not only the theoretical but the practical side of this course as well.

How do I register for this course and when can I start?

To register for this course please click here or call us now on 1300 303 759 and we register you on the spot.