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Test and Tag Franchise


Test and Tag Franchise – A Great Business Opportunity

Join the A1 Testing and Tagging Family and BeYour Own Boss

A1 Testing and Tagging uses the resources gained from franchisees and the head office to grow the strength of our brand and expand our already formidable reputation throughout Australian industry.


Work for Yourself and Help Businesses Create Safer Workplaces with a Test and Tag Franchise

Franchising with A1 Testing and Tagging is successful because you are in business for yourself not by yourself. We focus on excellent service which aims to impress customers through courtesy, dependency and professionalism.

A1 Testing and Tagging Franchisee’s benefit from our increasing brand familiarity, large national client base, years of industry experience and ability to provide the best and most up to date testing equipment and training available.

A1 Testing and Tagging is the only testing and tagging company with the Certified Quality Management System – ISO 9001:2008.


Who we are looking for?

We are looking for people who are dedicated and driven to succeed.

People who are willing to work in a hands-on environment to ensure the business operates at optimum level.

We are looking for people who are friendly, positive and comfortable in any workplace environment whether in a factory or corporate office atmosphere.

We are looking for ambassadors of the A1 Testing and Tagging brand who want to help us achieve our mission of becoming the leader in Australian electrical safety testing.

Why choose us?

1. The Product Offering At A1 Testing and Tagging we offer the highest and most technologically advanced testing equipment available. The AlphaPAT is a unique piece of equipment that is solely distributed from our head office all around Australia. As a franchisee you receive specialised training, as well as constant calibration and priority repairs if ever needed with any of our equipment.

2. Our Brand We have developed a brand over 9 years that is well recognised throughout Australian business and industry, for its professionalism in the workplace. We also have a significant online presence with our website and online marketing campaigns.

3. The Revenue As an A1 Testing and Tagging Franchisee, you will gain access to a Substantial revenue opportunity. However, the opportunity to succeed will depend greatly on your own dedication and ability to be fast and efficient at your work. Income is earned on a per test basis and there is a deep and expanding market for this service. Inherent in this service is a cycle of return business that provides residual revenue security that builds over time. There are other services that can be combined on to the traditional testing and tagging component, that can add further earning potential to your franchise.

4. The Training We provide excellent training services that range from electrical competency, practical equipment knowledge and marketing and administration skills that help boost client conversions and increase the number of jobs in your area.

5. Community As your business with A1 Testing and Tagging grows you will discover the advantage of networking with your fellow A1 Taggers. A1 Testing and tagging holds a yearly conference to enhance those bonds and create a community and comradeship between your business and your associates. Not only providing you with the ability to undertake any sized job, but taking away the added hassle of sub contractors.

6. Our Locations The head office in Melbourne has been operating nationally since 2005. As such we have developed a vast client base Australia wide. A1Testing and Tagging will utilize this established client base to help franchisees to become independent and successful in their particular region.

7. Our Resiliency Our service is a safety must throughout many industries and is supported fully by organisations such as WorkSafe Australia. Therefore, a Testing and Tagging business working with A1 is recession resistant enabling stability even through times of economic troubles and downturns.

8. Ease Of Operations You don’t need to have any prior knowledge or experience in electrical safety to become a successful A1 franchisee, we train you in everything you need to know. The majority of administration and marketing tasks are taken care of by the head office leaving you free to focus on completing the job required and not having to take home additional work.

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