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We can assist you with different models and match your requirements to the best suited machines. View PAT Tester Accessories

Clevermode PAT Testers

A1 Testing & Tagging stock 2 Clevermode PAT testers that can turn your PAT tester into a printing PAT.


The Clevermode PRO provides the ability to link a DeltaPAT to a printer and tablet. This system automatically databases all results, prints tags and creates easy to use asset lists.   ‘Package includes: DeltaPAT, Clevermode Adapter, printer , tablet, inbuilt scanner, shortcuts functions,1 x roll of tags, 1x ribbon, carry bag & test leads’ More



Clevermode LITE app and printer can be used with your existing PAT Tester to print test tags and automatically create pass and fail reports. Gone is the need for time consuming hand written tags and log books.  This new and innovative way of testing and tagging making what was a previously long job, short and pain free. Find out more here.



PAT testers can be financed through FLEXI Commercial with an affordable fixed payment plan. This is a great option to allow you to get on with the job and pay in manageable amounts. Click through to use the Flexi Commercial calculator as a guide to see how you can plan your payments. Find out more


PAT Testers – Non Printing

A1 Testing & Tagging stock 2 PAT Tester units and 3 other testing machines. Use these with hand written tags and manual log books. These PAT Testers suit businesses with small number of tests.

MI 3309 Delta GT


The Delta GT is a multi-functional portable machine that is used to test the safety of electrical equipment. This product contains a unique PRCD testing technology that prevents the tripping of RCD’s during testing. Due to its dual power capacity this machinery can perform many tasks that usually could only be found on larger and heavier machines.  The Delta GT can store up to 1500 test results that can be downloaded on a PC.


Tradie Kit


Simplify your life and your ability to test both RCD’s and single phase electrical items with the TRADIE Kit. The TRADIE Kit includes everything you need to test the safety and functionality of portable and stationary electronic devices.
Included with the TRADIE Tester are: Test extension leads, power boards, LCD display with simple ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ test results, all controlled by a microprocessor.


Microwave Leakage Tester

Microwave Leakage Tester

Radiation leaking from a microwave is hazardous to your staff.  This Microwave Leakage Detector is a great way to spot this type of malfunction.


RCD Tester Ethos

RCD Tester

The Ethos RCD Tester this great little tester allows you to easily preform all the relevant tests on all RCDs.


Metrel MI3122 RCD Tester


Metrel MI3122 RCD Tester databases all test results, after preforming its tests on Residual Current Devices (RCDs)